Fancy Feast Sal & Oc. Whitefish - 85g

24.5 LE

The Fancy Feast Salmon & Whitefish provides complete nutrition for your cat. It is designed to take care of your cat's daily nutritional requirements and provides all the required vitamins and minerals along with moisture and nourishment for a healthy and happy life. A cat's love for food is thoughtfully blended with loads of proteins, antioxidants and omega 3 acquired from the Salmon and Whitefish. It helps to maintain your kitty's fur, heart-health, weight, skin, teeth, muscles, bones and overall immunity.
  • Made with rich ingredients without the use of any artificial fillings, preservatives or additives
  • Essential for the overall nourishment of the body
  • Help in the overall nourishment of the body
  • Improves skin and coat of your pets

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