Friskies Poultry Platter Cat Food - 368g

52.99 LE

The Friskies Poultry Platter Cat Food is a tempting combo of your cat's favorite poultry flavors with a pleasing texture. Its smooth pate with a pleasant taste lets your pet enjoy its meal to the core. The food carries an enticing aroma that attracts your cat for a serving every time you open the can. Not just taste and smell, but the poultry platter also offers your kitty plenty of good health as it is filled with the goodness of nutrients essential for the cat's overall growth and wellness.
  • Tender chunks dipped in savory juices for a tangy taste
  • Filled with vitamins and minerals to enhance your pet's health
  • Features an enticing aroma to invigorate your cat's senses
  • Chunks are smooth in texture to let your cat nibble with ease

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