Metro Potatoes for Frying - Packed

12.99 LE

The Metro Prepacked Potatoes for Frying are fresh, safe and of premium quality, to provide you with a perfect mix of flavor and nutrition. Call it your comfort food, a versatile vegetable or a portion of your staple diet, potatoes have always been an integral part of your meals. Besides taste, this vegetable is also a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It contains fiber, resistant starch, potassium and vitamin C to ensure the overall wellness of your body. The fibrous content helps reduce cholesterol in the blood while the resistant starch regulates blood sugar. Supply of vitamin C and potassium assures a good heart and bone health. Potato also contains antioxidants that treat chronic diseases like diabetes and minimize the risk of cancer. It is gluten free and improves digestive health. Simply put, regular consumption of potatoes offer you a plethora of health benefits and these prepacked potatoes are no different.
  • Fresh, high-quality produce for better taste
  • Contains vitamins, minerals and fiber for improved health
  • Ideal remedy to treat digestive problems
  • Versatile ingredient can be used in a variety of recipes

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